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cc: Keith Briffa <>, Eystein Jansen <>,
date: Sun, 21 May 2006 22:07:00 -0600
from: Jonathan Overpeck <>
subject: URGENT - Wahl & Amman paper
to: Bette Otto-Bliesner <>

Hi Keith and Tim - can you pls illuminate us on the issue raised by
Martin Manning below? This is pretty urgent. Thanks, Peck

>I think it might be best to ask Keith what version of this paper he
>used to write his section of Chapter 6. That seems to be the
>question that
>Martin is asking. I will also ask Caspar if he knows when I see him on
>On Sat, 20 May 2006, Jonathan Overpeck wrote:
>>Hi Martin - We'll look into this asap. I'll cc to Caspar and Gene
>>to see if they can clarify the situation and make sure we have the
>>correct version. I'll also cc Bette since she may see Caspar around
>>NCAR and make sure he know's we are trying to clarify things with
>>his paper.
>>More soon, thx, Peck
>>>Dear Eystein and Jonathan
>>>It has been pointed out to us by a reviewer that the version of
>>>the Wahl and Amman paper (accepted by Climatic Change) on our
>>>review web site differs from the version that is available
>>>publicly from the NCAR web site at:
>>>Although the differences are not (in my view) substantial, the
>>>paper on the NCAR web site is apparently dated Feb 24th (i.e.
>>>before the date of final submission of the SOD), it has additional
>>>figures and data, and the running header says "Feb 24, .... in
>>>Could you please clarify which of the two versions of this paper
>>>would reflect most accurately the status of the paper as used by
>>>the Chapter 6 team when preparing the SOD. That has been our basis
>>>for deciding on which version to include on our reviewer web pages
>>>up until now, but we are
>>>reconsidering whether to also include updated versions of
>>>unpublished papers as well. If you have any thoughts on that
>>>please let me know.
>>>Best regards
>>>Recommended Email address:
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>>>Dr Martin R Manning, Director, IPCC WG I Support Unit
>>>NOAA Aeronomy Laboratory Phone: +1 303 497 4479
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>>>Boulder, CO 80305, USA
>Bette L. Otto-Bliesner
>Climate Change Research
>National Center for Atmospheric Research
>1850 Table Mesa Drive / P.O. Box 3000
>Boulder, Colorado 80307
>Phone: 303-497-1723
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