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date: Wed, 6 Jun 2007 11:11:08 -0400
from: "Wahl, Eugene R" <>
subject: Past Millennia Climate Variability - Review Paper - section
to: <>

Hi Phil:

Here are two references concerning mechanistic modeling of tree ring
growth. Also included is the reference to Ammann-Wahl 07, which of
course shows up nowhere else.

Also attached is another (!) slightly modified version of my
contribution to the Wengen summary paper, including the appropriate
citations for the references below. I believe that this should complete
my contribution to the draft for full-read-over/submission stage. The
changes I needed to make are now all included in the text proper, and
anything that needed to be changed/omitted is marked as "deleted" by
Track Changes. The few latest changes, since my last message of 6/4,
are highlighted in yellow.

Thanks for all you work on this text!

Fritts H.C., Shashkin A.V., Downes G.M. 1999. A simulation model of
conifer ring growth and cell structure. In: Wimmer R., Vetter R.E. (eds)
Tree-Ring Analysis, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK, pp. 3-32.

Vaganov E.A. 1996. Mechanisms and simulation of tree ring formation in
conifer wood. Lesovedenie (Russ. J. For. Sci.) 1:3-15 (in Russian).

Ammann, C.M. and Wahl, E.R., 2007, The Importance of the Geophysical
Context in Statistical Evaluations of Climate Reconstruction Procedures,
in press, Climatic Change.
[NOTE: This article was just sent to Stephen Schneider with, presumably,
final revisions based on re-review. These changes were relatively few
and small-scale, and the article has been accepted pending their
approval. So, technically its status is "accepted, in final revision"
until Steve gives the final approval for it to have "in press" status.
We expect this to happen soon, possibly before the Wengen paper is
actually submitted.]

Peace, Gene


Dr. Eugene R. Wahl
Asst. Professor of Environmental Studies
Alfred University

1 Saxon Drive
Alfred NY, 14802


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