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date: Sat, 17 Feb 2001 13:43:12 +0000
from: Trevor Davies <>
subject: Re: UEA community decarbonisation project
to: Mike Hulme <>


If unsuccessful with the Gvt scheme, that sort of thing might be a way of
levering more money out of EEDA

If EEDA does come up with (an original) 60-100K, have you given any thought
to how it might be used? Some of it as 50% towards TC PhD studentships?


At 20:05 16/02/01 +0000, you wrote:
>Dear Peter, Iain and Nikki,
>Just a quick note to keep you posted about the UEA community
>decarbonisation project ............ Trevor and I have begun to develop our
>thinking a little further and we met with the UEA senior executive team
>yesterday (from Vice-Chancellor downwards) and have got an enthusiastic
>'yes' to develop the concept and start putting a scoping study
>together. The VC also indicated we may get some 'seed' money from the East
>of England Development Agency, which of course we will be looking to
>supplement from the C Trust (perhaps) and other sources. We are working on
>a 2-page concept note now for you and colleagues at the Trust and should
>have that ready in 1-2 weeks time. We would really like to keep a close
>relationship with you on this one and see how it can synergise with C Trust
>One immediate proposal to make is for us to bid to the following scheme
>"The Government has set up a scheme to fund ten academic summer placements in
>Whitehall starting in June 2001. The aim is to strengthen links with the
>research community and encourage its involvement in policymaking - which
>sounds just the type of thing the Tyndall Centre should be getting into.
>Each two month placement carries a grant of �10 000 plus reasonable travel
>and accommodation expenses and involves a commitment to spending at least
>four weeks at the Government Department concerned (e.g. DETR or MAFF). The
>deadline for applications to reach HM Treasury is 26 March 2001. More
>details are available at"
>and see whether one of our team can work with C Trust over the summer to
>help develop the community decarbonisation concept and the role of the C
>Trust within it (but since the C Trust will be *outside* government by then
>may this cause a difficulty?).
>Glad to hear you now have an excellent Chairman in Ian McAllister.
>Regards for now,

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