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date: Tue, 16 Dec 2003 13:36:41 +0100
from: "Andreas J. Kirchhefer" <>
subject: SV: tree rings and Rapid Climate Change
to: "Keith Briffa" <>

Hei Keith,

Thanks a lot for your comments. Because our odds were not good anyway, Danny just recycled the old RAPID application. We'll see what happens. I go to Swansea the week after the Bangor meeting, and we will discuss how to continue our search for funding then.

Of course, you are welcome to use my chronology data. I attach a zipped xls-file with my Dividalen chronology, as submitted to a special edition of 'Arbeiten aus dem Institut f�r Landschafts�kologie', M�nster, in honor of my former supervisor Holtmeier, who retires next year. It still has the gap around 1200, which will be closed (well replicated?) in the next version. Do you need the original measurement data?

The updated coastal series are not really mature for distribution and presentation yet, I'm afraid. I assume that you have the old versions (ITRDB). For Stonglandseidet, I havn't even a nice figure, but I attach the preliminary series from Forfjorddalen. Be aware that before ca. AD 1100 the chronology is just rubbish. The trees included here show slow growth - that's all I can say so far. The individual tree/radius series just don't match, and cofecha-ing against Tornetr�sk doesn't help much. Some material still is not included, among those the former (and still) oldest snag (AD 877, date probably to be adjusted).

And finally a warning regarding "Norway's oldest pine" from Forfjorddalen which I believed was nearly 800 years old. Together with Danny and Neil I took a new core to get the innermost rings. Back in the lab, the tree proved to be ca. 675 years old, only (AD 1338). I realized, that I mixed up cores from that old living and a snag, partly because the bark was lacking on both samples. I hope I learn from this and don't take cores in a rush during an excursion anymore... (I could try to blame the midges, of course - they were terrible that day).

The chronologies will be finally revised, and hopefully manuscripts submitted, until April. Then we could work on a Nordic review article. Hans Linderholm asked me for comparing his Swedish series with mine, and a review article could be useful when applying funding for a more detailed synthesis of the Nordic chronologies.


Andreas J. Kirchhefer
Institutt for biologi
Universitetet i Troms�
9037 Troms�
tlf 776 46 061
fax 776 46 333

-----Opprinnelig melding-----
Fra: Keith Briffa []
Sendt: 10. desember 2003 13:54
Til: Andreas J. Kirchhefer
Emne: Re: tree rings and Rapid Climate Change

Finally, one point and request. I have started to put together multiple
data to construct a picture of late-Holocene temperature change in Northern
Fennoscandia and hopefully ( as part of an existing EC project , ALP-IMP) ,
compare the aggregated ( and hopefully more robust) series with similar
tree-ring data in the Greater Alpine Region. I would be very grateful for
permission to use your data in this exercise. I am also committed to give
talks on tree-ring variability in early January in Bangor , and later in
Bergen next year , and similarly, any chronology data you could provide me
with for these talks (to produce comparison plots) would be similarly
appreciated. I would also like to move towards putting a review paper
together ( perhaps for Quaternary Science Reviews) of long European
chronology-based climate inference , and would like to do this as a joint
paper with Yourself , Hakan Grudd , the Finns and other European
colleagues. Any interest?
very best wishes

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