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date: Wed Jul 14 15:35:12 2004
from: Phil Jones <>
subject: Fwd: Borehole climate reconstructions


On the Legates' piece, here's the two papers - the one by Pollack and Smerdon
and the response by R&M. The effect is 0.1deg C more cooling back by 1500 - hardly
the sort of thing to go on about.
There is also a GRL paper by Huang, where he superimposes the high-res proxies
onto the low-res boreholes. It came out a month or so ago - can't locate the pdf I have.
I am going to reply to Timo - almost all of what Legates says is wrong. I'm going to
demand a retraction - I won't get it but I'll point all the flaws in it.
I'll be around in late August.

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