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date: Thu, 16 Mar 2006 08:46:29 -0000
from: "Rob Wilson" <>
subject: Re: Emailing: Info for Keith
to: "Keith Briffa" <>

Morning Keith,

no problem

As I said, I want to play around with shorter published reconstructions that show no
divergence at the local scale and see what an alternative NH recon might look like. I have
a feeling that the resultant independent series will still show a divergence against NH

That begs the question "why cant we model recent warming at large scales?"

will keep you posted with my play although it might be several weeks as I have other


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Thanks Rob
I need to digest these - but I am in no way trying to trash anything
- just trying to be ready for the "misguided" onslaught that will
follow the IPCC Chapter (and possibly US Academy's Committee
outcome). I will get back in touch when we decide where to go. Thanks
At 15:50 14/03/2006, you wrote:
>Hi Keith,
>here's the info you asked for.
>I did this in a bit of a rush so I hope it is understandable.
>I hope you don't use this information to trash our JGR paper.
>Gordon and Rosanne would kill me.
>PS. all figure are in temperature anomalies except the last one
>which is in normalised standard deviations.
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