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cc: tom crowley <>, "Rosanne D'Arrigo" <>
date: Tue, 04 Nov 2008 09:45:45 +0000
from: Thomas Crowley <>
subject: Re: data request re: Gordon Jacoby
to: Michael Purdy <>

Michael Purdy wrote:
> Dr Crowley -
> To the best of my knowledge, the data that you are requesting were
> deposited in the NOAA data bank in August 2008.
> Mike Purdy
Dear Mike,

thank you very much for your response. but I think Gordon is not being
entirely frank with you. The data from individual trees were in fact
deposited. But what people really want to know is what the lead author
of such a project considers the best guess composite of the individual
trees - none extend the entire length of the time series, and they must
be spliced together, after making some not-so-simple corrections for the
growth rate effect of the trees and the relative importance of "site
effects" for different trees (only the person doing the field work
really understands that).

Gordon published his best estimate of the composite time series -- the
one that is most valuable to other climate scientists (who, being less
familiar with site idiosyncracies, might not make the right choice in
producing their own composite).

The analogy in geophysics might be when someone requests a composite
seismic synthesis published on a particular site, and all you release is
the individual seismic lines and effectively say - "go to it".

Gordon has repeatedly refused to release this composite to other
scientists - EXCEPT to fellow Lamont scientist Ed Cook. If Ed feels
more comfortable with Gordon's composite than one he could produce on
his won, surely other scientists even more removed from the procedures
must feel the same way.

It is therefore frustrating not only to the field that Gordon won't
release his reconstruction to them, it is doubly frustrating because he
has been inconsistent on this matter in giving it to Ed.

I wrote a separate letter to Rosanne D'Arrigo on this matter yesterday,
saying that I was at the end of my patience on this matter (it has been
going on almost TEN YEARS!), and that I am going to write the Director
of NSF on the matter.

Gordon has still not met his obligations to the field and I intend to
write that letter unless he releases it immediately.

I am sorry it has come to this stage. I am not mad at you or Rosanne
(she has been caught in the middle on this fracus).

But the community deserves that composite and I feel the matter has come
to the point where either Gordon releases the data or I go to the
Director of NSF, with cc's to the head of Ocean and Atmsopheric
Sciences, and head of Directorate.

I apologize in advance for the action, because it seems very determined,
but in fact it is really due to one very obstinate person - Gordon - and
after ten years my patience is now at an end.


Tom Crowley

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