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date: Wed, 18 Aug 2004 22:20:40 -0700
from: Andrew Weaver <weaveratXYZxyzc.ca>
subject: Re: [Wg1-ar4-ch10] IPCC AR4 Ch. 10 information
to: Jerry Meehl <meehlatXYZxyzr.edu>, wg1-ar4-ch10atXYZxyzs.ucar.edu

Dear Jerry and other lead authors. I have a couple of comments on the draft

1) I think it is a bit premature to offer writing assignments. I would
prefer to have these discussed in Trieste in the context of what we as lead
authors believe are the issues that need to be conveyed in the Chapter given
the constraints of what we are to cover as per approved process.

2) Ad Hoc meetings by subsets of the lead authors do not instill overall
confidence in the transparency and openness of the process. In the end I
couldn't make the climate sensitivity workshop but had I known that there
was to be an IPCC Chapter meeting I might have reorganized my schedule.

3) I do not think writing assignments should be shared between people. It is
the job of the group to discuss who should cover what. Also, my experience
from the last couple of IPCC processes is that it is not productive to have
more than one author per section. Each section must be written by one
person. We all get to comment on every one else's prose as it is. Having
multiple writers only confuses the issues.

Thanks. Andrew

on 18/08/2004 14:14, Jerry Meehl at meehlatXYZxyzr.edu wrote:

> Dear Lead Authors of the IPCC AR4 Chapter 10,
> Attached is a letter with details regarding the process we will
> undertake to produce Chapter 10 for the AR4, and a draft outline with
> writing assignments.
> We look forward to seeing you all in Trieste!
> Jerry and Thomas
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