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date: Thu, 4 Apr 96 15:05:22 +0500
from: "Tatiana M. Dedkova" <tatmatXYZxyzec.quorus.e-burg.su>
subject: schijatov
to: K.BriffaatXYZxyz.ac.uk

Dear Keith,
Thank you for efforts to organize my and Eugene traval arragements
for the Cambridge meeting. We can pay for our tickets in roubles
in Russia and you can repay our costs in Cambridge. It will be
pleasant for both of us to stay in your country a few days extra.
To get visa we need an official invitation from your University
sent by post and the extra days must be included into this
invitation. It is important for us to get visa if you will include
into an invitation approximately the next phrase: "The University
(or other institution) will pay for your transportation, hotels
and living expences".
My questionaire entries:
Citizen of Russia; Date of Birth - December 24, 1933; Pasport
Data - Number: 41 N 0884963, Issued at Department of Home Affairs,
Date of Issue: June 17, 1991, Date of Expiry: June 17, 1998;
Dates (London) - July 19 - 27, 1996.

Sincerely yours Stepan
Dr. Stepan Shiyatov, Institute of Plant and Animal Ecology,
Ekaterinburg, 620144, 8 Marta St., 202, Russia
Phone: (3432) 29-40-80; Fax: (3432) 29-41-61

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