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cc: Howard Cattle <hycatXYZxyz.soton.ac.uk>, Thorsten Kiefer <thorsten.kieferatXYZxyzes.unibe.ch>
date: Fri, 10 Feb 2006 11:08:25 +0100
from: Christoph Kull <christoph.kullatXYZxyzes.unibe.ch>
subject: PAGES/CLIVAR workshop Wengen-Switzerland
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Dear all,

I would like to circulate some organizational information related to
the upcoming PAGES/CLIVAR workshop in Wengen-Switzerland (June 7-10, 2006).

- Travel itinerary:
The workshop starts on Wednesday, 7 June in the early evening.
We suggest that you arrive in "Wengen" on the 7th.
Try to get a flight to Zurich Airport. Zurich Airport is connected to
"Interlaken Ost" and "Wengen" by railway (Zurich railway station is in the
airport itself - connections every half hour; some are direct, some
via a change in "Bern"). You can buy the train ticket at the airport railway
station. A ticket "Zurich" - "Wengen" (return) costs approx. CHF 150.
Traveling time to Interlaken Ost is about two hours, through a lovely
landscape. From "Interlaken Ost", another railway connects to
"Lauterbrunnen" (20 mins), where a small train brings you to "Wengen" (15
mins). The Hotel "Regina" is situated just above the railway station:
The total traveling time from "Zurich Airport" to "Wengen" is about 3.5
hours. Therefore, it would be ideal to arrive in "Zurich" on the morning of
the 7th.
Further information regarding the Swiss railways (including
timetables) are available at: http://www.sbb.ch.

- Accommodation in "Wengen":
The PAGES office will take care of the hotel reservation. The workshop ends
on Saturday 10th at noon. Therefore, if you are planning to return home
immediately, an evening flight from "Zurich" would be suitable.
However, please consider staying longer as we will we try to arrange a
private mountain excursion on the 11th to the "Jungfraujoch". Details to
follow. Furthermore, the HOLIVAR meeting starts on Monday 12th in "London"

- Funding:
In general, PAGES/CLIVAR and EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute) funds
allow us to cover your travel and stay (full board) from June 7-10, provided
you keep all your receipts for the reimbursement process and can organize a
cheap flight. Additional nights in Wengen should be covered with private
funding. If this arrangement causes any major troubles, please let me know
as soon as possible.

- Feedback:
May I ask you to let me know your travel itinerary when available. Please
also indicate how many nights you would like to stay in "Wengen" and if you
need a double room because of an accompanying person.

- Scientific Information:
The organizing committee is working on the scientific details of the
workshop. Further information will be available soon.

I am looking forward to meeting you in June!
All the best, thanks for attending, and greetings from the PAGES office in
Have a nice weekend,

Christoph Kull
Science Officer
Sulgeneckstrasse 38
CH-3007 Bern

phone: +4131 312 31 53/33
fax: +4131 312 31 68

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