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date: Mon, 16 Feb 2009 16:37:58 -0700
from: Malcolm Hughes <mhughesatXYZxyzr.arizona.edu>
subject: Re: would you be interested?
to: Keith Briffa <k.briffaatXYZxyz.ac.uk>

Keith - much appreciated. The cv-type info is what is needed now. This
is to go into a standard US NSF 2-page biosketch (Tom Swetnam's attached
as a model, along with the NSF guidelines). Most of this would come from
a typical cv if you send me one, but some parts would best come from you
- recent collaborators, for example. If Tom M's interested in being
involved, a 2-pager from him in the NSF format would be helpful. That
should do it for the preproposal. We have Hank Shugart now
enthusiastically involved, along with various Canadians, Vaganov's
University and some Scandinavian Pyromaniacs.Once again, thanks, Malcolm

Keith Briffa wrote:
> Malcolm
> In that case - happy to try and help - I just wanted to be honest
> about my ability to be able to contribute much. At this stage I will
> do whatever you propose - but remember that any "formal" link with UEA
> or the School (ENV) would require a virtual enquiry and a mountain of
> paper work with no assurance of getting past the powers that be
> anyway. So let me know precisely the minimum stuff for me to send now
> You REALLY do have my sympathies regarding the funding pressures - I
> do know how these crush you and destroy the potential to do the
> research we thought we "joined up" for!
> cheers
> Keith
> At 03:40 10/02/2009, you wrote:
>> Keith - sorry you're lumbered with all that university stuff. In
>> fact, we're not asking for much input at all at this stage. Our first
>> hurdle is to prepare a 5-page preproposal to NSF in the next week or
>> so, and for this all I would need would be cv-type info and possibly
>> a letter, which I could send you a draft of. Then I might need a very
>> little more input if we get to submit a full proposal. If that
>> succeeds, and you and CRU are mentioned, it would allow me or others
>> from the US group to visit you, would provide resources for folks
>> working with us to collaborate with Tom and Vlad, if he ends up
>> there, and would involve you or Tom to be invited as lecturers and
>> UK students as participants to one or more of the summer schools we
>> plan as part of this project (likely one in Quebec, one in
>> Scandinavia, two in Russia) during the 5
>> years of the project. So - we're not seeking a large input, but it
>> could be incredibly helpful in making collaborations possible and
>> helping keeping our Lab afloat..
>> Some background - at my age I wouldn't normally be messing with this
>> kind of project, especially as it would run 2010-2014, and I hit 70
>> in 2013. We really, really need some projects like this, as our
>> university is being subjected to cuts that make the Thatcher years
>> look like
>> vicarage tea party - 600 employees of our university to lose their
>> jobs this month and many more in July, $54million mid-year budget
>> cut, departments and colleges being closed, student tuition fees
>> going up dramatically, forced salary reductions, and so on, and so
>> on, all here right now.
>> This has all been imposed by our far right State Legislature and
>> Governor. The only hope for holding any worthwhile together is to
>> increase the flow of Federal money, such as NSF grants. Sorry to
>> bother you with this
>> All best wishes, Malcolm.
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