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cc: jean.palutikof@metoffice.com, Ensemblesfp6@metoffice.gov.uk
date: Thu Oct 14 14:38:21 2004
from: Phil Jones <p.jonesatXYZxyz.ac.uk>
subject: Re: URGENT RE: ENSEMBLES contract - urgent
to: "Hewitt, Chris" <chris.hewittatXYZxyzoffice.gov.uk>, Clare Goodess <C.GoodessatXYZxyz.ac.uk>, a.meldrum@uea.ac.uk

Talked briefly to Alicia Meldrum here and she will email you if what I think isn't
correct. We think the version of the A3.3 forms that is correct is the one with
an overall total of 193,358 Euros.
At 12:36 14/10/2004, Hewitt, Chris wrote:

Dear all,
I'm not sure if Clare and Jean will be able to read emails at the
moment, but I'm hoping that someone representing UEA will be able to
reply as soon as possible. This is urgent. I'm away tomorrow (Friday) so
please CC: to ensemblesfp6atXYZxyzoffice.gov.uk .
I am going to state that your requested changes will be incorporated at
the end of year1 in the first amendment. I need to know what figures you
are hoping for in the ENSEMBLES contract preparation forms (CPFs).
I have attached three CPFs.
Vn1.5 of the A3.1 is what is currently in the contract and is correct.
It takes into account the small shift of money from UEA to UNIVBRIS to
account for Jean Palutikof being replaced by Colin Prentice on the
Management Board.
Vn1.5 of A3.3 is incorrect according to Clare. I think this has arisen
because I and the EC have been working from the CPFs and you have been
working from Section 9.5 of the DoW, and the two are inconsistent - I
was unaware that you wanted the CPF changed, and I presume that you were
unaware that the CPF had not been changed. Anyway, enough of that.
The total money is listed as 173,549 in vn1.5 of the CPF. In Section 9.5
of the DoW you list 195,541 Euros (page 229). This should be reduced by
2183 Euros to account for the small shift of money from UEA to UNIVBRIS
to account for Jean Palutikof being replaced by Colin Prentice on the
Management Board, giving a new total of 193,358 Euros.
So, vn1.6 of A3.3 contains my proposed changes. It takes into account
the 2183 Euros shift of money under the "consortium management
activities" column from UEA to UNIVBRIS. I have not changed your
"training activities" column, but I have instead guessed/assumed that
the "missing" money should be added to the "RTD" column giving the new
overall total of 193,358.
IS THIS CORRECT? If not, what should be the breakdown of money per
column (bearing in mind that the columns "consortium management
activities" and "total" are fixed)?
Chris Hewitt ENSEMBLES Director
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From: Hewitt, Chris
Sent: 11 October 2004 10:25
To: 'Clare Goodess'
Cc: jean.palutikof@metoffice.com; a.meldrum@uea.ac.uk; p.jonesatXYZxyz.ac.uk
Subject: RE: ENSEMBLES contract - urgent
Dear Clare,
You will have seen the email I've just sent to the EC. Let's see what
happens. A solution might well be some form of agreement that we will
make changes at the "first amendment" (something I was unaware of until
a few months ago). The issue might be what form that agreement takes.
To comment on your email:
- The current contract figure is 173549 Euros (this includes the 2183
Euros). I've got requested EC contributions of 147866 for RTD, 23500 for
training, 2183 for management giving the total of 173549.
- Unfortunately it's not possible for the Hadley Centre to loan you
money. We're essentially just a bank account for ENSEMBLES, so loaning
you money would mean another partner would get less money.
- I guess that a suitable solution will indeed be some form of guarantee
concerning the budget reinstatement, but this is largely out of my hands
I suspect.
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From: Clare Goodess [[2]mailto:C.Goodess@uea.ac.uk]
Sent: 08 October 2004 18:09
To: chris.hewittatXYZxyzoffice.com
Cc: jean.palutikof@metoffice.com; a.meldrum@uea.ac.uk; p.jonesatXYZxyz.ac.uk
Subject: Fwd: ENSEMBLES contract - urgent
Dear Chris
I am happy to accept your judgement that the Commission are not willing
amend the contract at this stage.
However, the shortfall in the UEA budget for the first 18 months will
us problems, so it is essential that it is reinstated at the first year
amendment stage, i.e., our total budget for the first 18 months should
195541 Euro minus the 2183 Euro that goes to Bristol - a revised total
193358 Euro.
I've just been going through our staff plan for the first 12 and 18
We have several members of staff lined up ready to work within the first
year (September 2004 to August 2005):
Tom Holt: 8 months, January to August 2005
Clare Goodess: February and August 2005
Matt Livermore/Andy Matthews: 6 months, January to June 2005.
i.e., 16 of our 26 months are scheduled for the first year.
Malcolm Haylock is scheduled to work for 6 months from September 2005
Tom Holt for a further two months, September and October 2005.
So provided that the first year amendment happens promptly and that
are no major changes to the scheduling of work, I think that the current
contract figure (173549 + 2183 = 175732 Euro?) should be sufficient to
us through. However, if we run into problems (if they happen this is
likely to be Autumn 2005), would it be possible for the Hadley Centre to
loan us sufficient money to tide us over, or could you provide some form
guarantee concerning the budget reinstatement which would be acceptable
the UEA administration?
Hopefully, I have got the numbers correct in this email, but its been a
rather fraught friday afternoon for all of us, so I'd be grateful if
somebody could doublecheck them at some point.
Best wishes, Clare
>Date: Fri, 08 Oct 2004 15:11:55 +0100
>To: jean.palutikofatXYZxyzoffice.com
>From: Clare Goodess <f034atXYZxyz.uea.ac.uk>
>Subject: Fwd: ENSEMBLES contract - urgent
>Cc: chris.hewitt@metoffice.com,a.meldrum@uea.ac.uk
>I guess we have no option but to agree to this.
>But I don't understand the changes.
>Compared with the table on page 229 of the DoW, there is a reduction of
>7275 Euro over the whole project - which I assume is the money for RT6
>co-ordination going to Colin Prentice.
>But then the reduction for the first 18 months (ie., 195541 minus
>is 21992 Euro. I can't see why this should be! Surely it should be a
>reduction of only 2183 Euro, i.e., your money going to Colin.
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