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date: Tue, 03 Apr 2001 11:18:05 +0100
from: Phil Jones <>
subject: Re: Finances


Still to get this going but the likely transfer from USDoE to ENV
will be about 30K
(pounds that is). Always say CRU4 !


At 11:09 03/04/01 +0100, Mick Kelly wrote:
>I've managed to replicate the calculations that went into the supposed
>debt of about GBP81K for 2000/2001 so I know what has been accounted for
>and what has not.
>What I need to complete the exercise is:
>a) Phil's likely buy out transfer to ENV this year
>b) Number of students on Quaternary unit from Keith.
>Keith - I'm assuming that you responsible for half the course and it's a
>20 credit course. Is this right? Need to be exact here.
>It may be that the sticking point is how we account for the existing QR
>income. It was conveniently neglected in the original proposal re the
>CRU5. I would argue it should be counted against the 50% buy-out we're
>supposed to find. This is consistent with the original calculations which
>show the additional QR income coming in in 02/03 and counting against the
>Can you let me have the missing figures asap please?
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>United Kingdom
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Prof. Phil Jones
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