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date: Mon, 07 Jan 2002 11:14:02
from: Ian Snowball <>
subject: review chapter

Hi everybody,

I submitted our review to Catherine Stickley at the end of last year and it
is under the scrutiny of colleagues. I expect criticism for its length and
detail. Given the recent appearence of speculative solar forcing papers,
the delay meant that I could refer to these as well. Fortunately, the solar
forcing/cosmogenic nuclide "bandwagon" is good news for me, as I and Per
Sandgren have a detailed paper in press (The Holocene later this year)
demonstrating that short term and internally driven variations in Earths
geomagnetic field intensity during the Holocene would have had at least the
same effect on the production of these cloud condensation nuclei. Fifteen
years ago I laughed at the suggestions of a causal relationship between
geomagnetic field intensity and climate, but now a mechanism has been
proposed! Given the mechanism, it is quite crazy that people ignore (or
sweep under the carpet) the possibility of short term variations in global
geomagnetic field intensity as a factor influencing records of 14C and
10Be. I'm rambling on...

Happy new year..

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