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date: Thu Jan 13 14:15:11 2005
from: Phil Jones <>
subject: Re: tmean figs
to: "Byron Gleason" <>

Thanks for these ! Thanks also for working way past your bedtime, if the
time you sent this is correct ! All has been submitted to WGI now - spent
most of my morning doing this. I feel as though I now have my life back,
so many thanks again.
I'm sure we'll have to revisit all this later, but for the time being I am
going to try and forget the last 2 weeks.
Both you and Jay are down as CAs for the chapter. We'll be sending the
whole submitted draft once WGI have put all the parts together, so you'll
get this in a week or two. Given the size of the figures it will probably be an
ftp site link rather than email. This draft will be the ZOD and we'll all have
the same one with the same line numbers and pages.
At 05:20 13/01/2005, Byron Gleason wrote:

Attached in WORD format are the TMEAN figures. Jay provided me with the
data files and they all ended in 2003, unlike the PRCP figures which had
a few ending through 2004. My suspicion is that the data are indeed
through 2004 (for those that apply), but the data file names may have
just been misnamed. I'll double check with Jay Lawrimore in the morning
... for now they're all labeled exactly as they were given to me (e.g.
all ending in 2003).
The grey areas account for about 10% (rough eyeball estimate) of the
data for both 1901 .. and 1979 .. maps. Also, the color bar was given
to me by Kevin Trenberth.
- Byron

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