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cc: Keith Briffa <>, Tim Osborn <>
date: Thu, 14 Sep 2006 11:17:26 +0000
from: Gerard van der Schrier <>
subject: talk by McIntyre
to: Phil Jones <>


Just came back from a 2-hour long seminar by McIntyre (including

In the talk, he focussed mainly on the Mann et al. reconstruction, flaws
in Mann et al's statistical method and the effects of the Bristlecone
pines on the reconstruction. Much attention to Mann's response to all
this (showing mails etc. as we have come accustomed to). Also the Wahl
and Ammann paper was discussed extensively.

So in the first 80-ish slides: no mention of Briffa, Osborn or Jones.
After that he ran out of time and skipped the parts which related to the
CRU reconstructions. He briefly touched upon the truncation of the
Briffa et al (2001?) reconstruction in the late 20th century.

Obviously, the data-availability was an issue......

He claims to have approached Wahl to write a paper together in which the
merits of the reconstruction method are tested extensively. It seems
that after initial interest, Wahl opted out.

In the (Dutch) media, the McIntyre & McKitrick paper is presented as
"evidence" that global warming is not present, or at least that it is
part of natural variability. What surprised me is that McIntyre clearly
and unequivocally parted with that view.

Cheers, Gerard
> Gerard,
> Also he may slag off Keith and Tim. Probably best to just listen
> and not to try and defend us. There may be some press on this
> the week after next as McIntyre is in Stockholm at a meeting earlier
> in the week.
> Cheers
> Phil
> At 12:28 01/09/2006, you wrote:
>> Phil,
>> Thanks for having a look at the ms.
>> I think I should be at McIntyre's seminar, but I do not expect to
>> hear a balanced view on multiproxy reconstructions (based on his
>> abstract). He has been invited by Amsterdam's free university, and
>> somebody probably thought it was a nice idea to have him here too.
>> Cheers, Gerard
>>> Gerard,
>>> Manuscript fine. I see you'll have a seminar at KNMI
>>> by Stephen McIntyre on Sept 14 ! Amazing what you can
>>> find on skeptic web sites. If you're there on the day,
>>> can you tell me how much he slangs me off during his
>>> talk.
>>> Away after today until Sept 21.
>>> Cheers
>>> Phil

Gerard van der Schrier
Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI)
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