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cc: Tim Osborn <>
date: Mon Dec 16 08:52:20 2002
from: Keith Briffa <>
subject: Re: Manuscript Files
to: Ed Cook <>

ED sorry I thought the text had already been sent. I attach it.
Re the modelling fucking up the recent submissions - I am sending you (later today) also a
couple of proposals we have just had funded. Is it possible you can include some analysis
of the these model runs (albeit from European Modelling institutes?). As you can see , the
only plans in this context are to do 500 year runs , but they incorporate control, natural
, and natural+anthropogenic runs. You can argue that the common "natural " runs use
forcings that may not be correct (ie land use change is a problem in my opinion , and the
volcanic forcing put together by Tom Crowley could be disputed), but virtually the same
forcings are used in both models and this allows inter-model sensitivities to be examined.
You can have access to these results and anyway you are explicitly a collaborator on these
contracts . We would need to talk about who would do analyses of the model/data but this
might offer something alternative to deflect the model critics over there - this is
probably a model group conflict thing. best wishes
At 11:31 AM 12/13/02 -0500, you wrote:

Hi Keith,
Did you intend only to send me the figures and not the ms? Send me the ms to if you can.
Otherwise, I can't proceed with my review of it.
I think that you are off the INQUA hook. I thought that the Organizing Committee had
accepted my proposed symposium on supra-long tree-ring chronologies based on email with
them last Spring. Of course I have done fuck-all on it since which may have been just as
well. I went to the INQUA website today ([1] and
did not find any reference to my proposed symposium. So I guess it is not going to
happen. Probably I should have contacted them before to let them know that I was still
intending to do it. Anyway, it is almost certainly too late now. I must say that I am
not shedding any tears over it. I've got much too much to do and have been receiving a
number of proposal rejections lately that have me a bit depressed. That includes the big
drought proposal with you and Tim as sub-contractors. We got fucked because of the
modelling part again. The proposal will be re-submitted to ESH on Jan 15.
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