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This is a good web site to keep an eye on.

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Subject: The Carbon Trader - Edition 37 - BP to spend US$650m on pollution, UN US$25m
green grant to China
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2001 11:45:14 +1100
Organization: The Carbon Trader
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Dear Readers,

The 37th Edition of The Carbon Trader was published today Monday 22nd January. In this
Edition we report on;

+ [1]Certificate trading to marry green energy with market
+ [2]BP to spend US$650m on pollution control
+ [3]Climate Policies affecting Investments & Opportunities
+ [4]UN Grants China US$25m to help ozone layer
+ [5]Germany undisputed wind power champion
+ [6]Whitman to face challenge if confirmed USEPA chief
+ [7]EU deceiving public over Environment - EU MP
+ [8]BP says Govt put fuel revenues over environment
+ [9]US wind power project to aid California
+ [10]China's sinking city highlights water crisis
+ [11]Bush nominee defends environment record
+ [12]US Govt Builder's urge energy efficency for ne homes
+ [13]many more must read articles.

The Carbon Trader seeks to act as agent in the raising of wholesale capital for
companies in or planing to enter the 'green energy market' regardless of location. For
further information contact Alistair R G Paton, Chief Executive The Carbon Trader Level
1, 101 Sussex Street Sydney NSW Australia 2000 [14] phone: +612
9239 4607 fax: +612 9261 3472.

View the newspaper free on-line via: [15] The 38th Edition of
The Carbon Trader will be published Monday January 29nd, 2001.

The Carbon Trader

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