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date: Mon Sep 15 10:06:07 2003
from: Mike Hulme <>
subject: CONFIDENTIAL letter to John Lawton
to: v.mcgregor


Please prepare this letter for me to sign. It should be marked CONFIDENTIAL on the envelope.


15 September 2003

Professor John Lawton

Dear John,

It was useful to have the brief chat with you while you were here for the Zuckerman Institute opening. John and I very much appreciated it. We have put our heads together and would like to mention the names of a few people whom we would regard as appropriate for evaluating the Tyndall Centre next year. These names are of course not formal nominations, just people who have been mentioned by us in our discussions together. This list may or may not prove useful for you.

Chris Rapley
Bill Clark (Bill has indicated he would be happy to chair, if invited)
Sir Crispin Tickell
Steve Schneider
Brian Walker
Jan Rotmans, ICIS Maastricht
Jacqui McGlade, European Environment Agency
Nebosja Nakicenovic, IIASA

and then some other names who would also have much to offer:

Hal Mooney
Tony McMichael
John Mitchell
Chris Anastasi, British Energy
Sir Eric Ash
Sir John Harman

With best wishes,

Professor Mike Hulme
Professor John Schellnhuber

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