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cc: "'C Gardner'" <>
date: Wed, 21 Jun 2006 16:07:09 +0100
from: "Samantha Jones" <>
subject: EU FP6 grants
to: <>, <>, <>

I am aware that a number of staff in the Science Faculty hold EU FP6 research project
grants, as does the Tyndall Centre. When we applied for these grants, unfortunately we
were not advised of the EU directive which prohibits using their grants to reimburse
certain forms of tax incurred on project activities. I think part of the problem was that
at the time of our applications, the directive was still under development so its
implications were by no means clear.

As both of our FP6 grants are large, this means we are now faced with significant tax costs
which we had not known would have to be budgeted from other sources. Clearly we cannot
charge these costs to other, non-EU research grants held by the Tyndall Centre as these
have been awarded for separate activities. I am aware that UEA and other organisations
have been lobbying the EU to change its frustrating directive but any movement on this in
the short term is unlikely.

I would be interested to know how other holders of FP6 project grants are funding
unavoidable tax incurred on project activities. Any advice you can offer would be greatly

Thank you Samantha

Samantha Jones

Senior Administrator

Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research

Zuckerman Institute for Connective Environmental Research

School of Environmental Sciences

University of East Anglia

Norwich NR4 7TJ



01603 593903


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