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date: Wed, 14 Feb 2001 18:59:20 -0000
from: "Adrian Ramsay" <>
subject: Re: UEA News release
to: "Harry Harris" <>

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From: "Harry Harris" <>
To: "Adrian Ramsay" <>
Sent: Tuesday, February 13, 2001 11:54 PM
Subject: Re: UEA News release

> At 9:26 pm +0000 13/2/01, Adrian Ramsay wrote:
> >Harry,
> >
> >Are you happy for me to mention that you work at UEA in a news release to
> >concrete about the elections?
> Not particularly after last time (transport meeting) where I got
> flayed alive by the Director of CRU.
> > If so, can I say you work in CRU
> Definitely not
> > and if not
> >should I just put researcher
> Well...OK but *no affiliation* please!

> > or something? (The release is mainly about Rob
> >in Norwich North and University but I am also mentioning the other people
> >from UEA who have a role if that is OK with them.)
> >
> >Also, the new LibDem local website ( has a space
> >under the Thorpe Hamlet councillors, suggesting that the news Ingo heard
> >about Jane Edwards is correct. Perhaps you could still ask if there is
> >of a date for a by-election. If they are leaving it until May 3rd unless
> >someone calls for one before then (this may be how things work), I think
> >should do so to capitalise on the low turnout.
> Isn't that also capitalising on Jane Edward's death?

No. There will be a by-election at some point anyway. I don't see why the
people of Thorpe Hamlet should only in effect have one City Councillor
between now and May 3rd (if they are leaving it until then), especially as
that one is Samantha Allison!

I would appreciate it if you could ask them about this, and the rules about
restricted media coverage ahead of the local elections (length) so that I
can book a room for the public meeting.

> Cheers
> Harry
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> Ian Harris - "Harry" Norwich Green Party
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