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date: Wed, 08 Mar 2006 16:20:14 +0100
from: H�kan Grudd <>
subject: Torne paper

Hi Keith,
this manuscript that I am working on is supposed to be one of four papers in my thesis:

I. Grudd, H., Briffa, K.R., Karl�n, W., Bartholin, T.S., Jones,
P.D. and Kromer, B. 2002. A 7400-year tree-ring chronology in northern Swedish Lapland:
natural climatic variability expressed on annual to millennial timescales. The Holocene 12,

II. Grudd, H. Manuscript. Tornetr�sk tree-ring width and density AD
500 - 2004: A test of climatic sensitivity and a new 1500-year reconstruction of north
Fennoscandian summers. (to be) Submitted.

III. Grudd, H., Briffa, K.R., Gunnarson, B.E. and Linderholm, H.W. 2000.
Swedish tree rings provide new evidence in support of a major, widespread environmental
disruption in 1628 BC. Geophysical Research Letters, 27(18), 2957-2960.

IV. Roig, F.A., Le-Quesne, C., Boninsegna, J.A., Briffa, K.R., Lara, A.,
Grudd, H., Jones, P.D. and Villagran, C. 2001. Climate variability 50,000 years ago in
mid-latitude Chile as reconstructed from tree rings. Nature, 410, 567-570.

I have Paper II as a near-finished manuscript. Three papers are published and this fourth
one will (should) appear in the thesis as a submitted manuscript. According to my
supervisors it is important that I have one paper where I am single author. This is a bit
rigid and I believe it is old-fashioned thinking, but I have no time to argue with them.
The date for defending the thesis is fixed to June 9 (2006!) and ten weeks before that date
it has to be in a final form. So, end of March is the deadline.

I do see the point of what you are saying about being involved and co-authoring this paper.
I have no problem what so ever with that and I want to collaborate, but given the time
schedule for finalizing my thesis I can not include new analyses in this manuscript. So
what to do!?

You need to read it and give me some advice. I am sure you will have a lot of comments :)

Having it printed in the thesis is not the same as publishing it in a journal: There may be
some possibilities in between if we time it right.



(at present in Stockholm, Phone 0046 8 674 7591)

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