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date: Wed Dec 15 16:53:09 2004
from: Phil Jones <>
subject: Re: CAs
to: Kevin Trenberth <>, Kevin Trenberth <>, Peter Ambenje <>, Roxana Bojariu <>, David Easterling <>, David Parker <>, Fatemeh Rahimzadeh <>, Jim Renwick <>, Matilde Rusticucci <>, Brian Soden <>, Panmao Zhai <>, Albert Klein Tank <>

I had a go at this earlier today. I have
Contributing Authors: A. Anwar, A. Bohloul, R. Brazdil, D. H. Bromwich, J. R. Christy, R.
K. Kolli, H. Nakamura, K. Rosenlof, M. J. Rodwell, P. Robinson, B. D. Santer, T. G.
Shepherd, S. C. Sherwood, J-I. Tsutsumi, S. G. Warren
as non contributing. Steve Warren may have - not sure.
I've removes Landsea and added Richard Washington and R. Kripilani (sent something on
Indian monsoon).
I presume we won't be adding Mo, Wallace, Salinger and Thompson. We've used their
diagrams but that's all. Does this still apply if they update/modify a diagram in the
Probably should, so criterion is sending some text.
I can modify the list tomorrow.
Also to all - I'll be sending a number of emails tomorrow with text, refs and figs in
separate files and details of what to do and by when.
At 16:22 15/12/2004, Kevin Trenberth wrote:

Hi all
I am attaching what my current understanding is of the Contributing Authors to the draft
so far. David E I don't have anything on 3.3.
I indicated in red whether the person agreed to contribute and in balck whether they did
or not. David P there is a new perosn on your list: Fogt? I don't have the email
address, and Phil we need to add him or her.
As far as I can tell, aside from 3.3 the status is that all contributed except for
Santer, Kolli, Rodwell, Anwar Ali, and Landsea (who was fired by Susan Solomon)
Still to come?? Tsutsumi, more from Cayan? More on hurricanes?
Please advise whether I missed some and let's try to keep this list up to date.
I should have done it in Excel as a spread sheet!!
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