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cc: <>,"Hans Teunissen" <>, "Stephan Bojinski" <>
date: Tue Jun 14 11:21:26 2005
from: Phil Jones <>
subject: Re: Certificates of Recogniton
to: "Hans Teunissen" <>, <>,<>

I am snowed under with visitors in CRU this week and with IPCC. A quick look at the
certificates for both the GSN and GUAN indicates that you seem to have covered
everything. I was wondering why silent stations were going to get something, but as
long as the covering letter explains the three possible levels of performance then
PRs should get the message about what needs to be done to improve performance.
The GSN letter should include the sentence about historical data.
Presumably we don't need to ask the PRs for comments on the system. If they want
respond I presume they will.
At 08:36 14/06/2005, Hans Teunissen wrote:

Dear All:

Further to the AGG recommendations on Certificates of Appreciation for GSN stations,
Stephan and I have pursued the details of the process and have come up with the
following procedures and proposals.

For GSN, there are three categories of stations that should get certificates:

1. Stations in the network lists that are silent
2. Stations that have met some of the criteria defined
3. Stations that have met all of the criteria.

Attached are samples of the proposed Certificates for each category. You'll see that we
have replaced the 'stars' and their definition with a simple 'tick' box which does the
same thing, but in an easier (and clearer, we think) way. We have also changed the name
from Cerificate of Appreciation to Certificate of Recognition, partly in response to
some sentiments we got here to the effect that it seems odd to be 'appreciating'
something while at the same time making it obvious that they are not doing what they are
supposed to. This change also helps soften the oddity of sending certificates to
stations that are silent. Furthermore, for the silent stations, you'll see we have left
off the criteria entirely. These will be included in the covering letter, which will go
to all relevant PRs with copies to the Focal Points. A sample letter for GSN is
attached. For the GUAN, the approach will be similar.

Stephan is currently using the information Tom provided to categorize all the stations.
Following that, we'll have to get translations and then print and mail the batches of
certificates. The total process will likely take several weeks more, given EC here for
the next couple of weeks, but at least we're progressing!

Please provide any comments you have on this approach and on the certificates and/or


Hans (and Stephan).

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