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date: Thu, 13 Apr 2000 15:50:30 +0100
from: Moe Razaz <>
subject: The Royal Society-Wolfson Bioinformatics Lab going live
to: Annie Ogden <>, Belinda Clarke <>, dawn barrett <>,,,

This laboratory in the School of Information Systems (SYS) ,UEA, with its
state of the art computing and networking facilities is now complete and
due to become live on Friday 14 April. The computing and networking
infrastructure in the lab include: a parallel/ distributed computing
environment consisting of fast single and dual processor PC and Silicon
Graphics workstation, a super fast smart switch router with gigabit and
fast Ethernet outlets, and an automated tape library back-up system. The
lab is linked to the Schools of Biological and Chemical Sciences (BIO and
CHE) by fibre optic cables.

This lab has been set up with the help of a �260k grant awarded in January
1999 to myself by the Royal Society/Wolfson Foundation. This is a
collaborative project with BIO and CHE. Its primary objective is to
exploit the novel research developed in the imaging group in nonlinear
image restoration, segmentation, morphology, fuzzy and neuro-fuzzy logic to
the processing, analysis, recognition and interpretation of biological
imaging data, and in particular multidimensional magnetic resonance (NMR)
and X-ray diffraction data sets for understanding structure-function
relationships of biomolecules.

The lab will provide an attractive state of the art computational centre
for collaboration in bioinformatics between SYS and the life scientists at
UEA (BIO, CHE, ENV) and the Norwich Research Park.

Some of the important advantages of the lab are summarised here:

(i) It should act as a catalyst for new collaborations and initiatives
in bioinformatics research at UEA, and between UEA and other institutions.

(ii) It would enable closer collaboration in this area between various
research groups in SYS.

(iii) It should help foster a closer link between SYS, School of
Mathematics and other science schools for new mathematical development in

(iv) It should attract future funding from the Research Councils, EU,
industry and other funding bodies.

In recognition of the strategic importance of bioinformatics, a new
lecturer was appointed in SYS last November to help with the development
of some of the bioinformatics research in the lab.

For further information and details please contact Dr Moe Razaz in SYS,
Tel: 01603 592311 or email

Moe Razaz

Dr M. Razaz
School of Information Systems
University of East Anglia
Norwich NR4 England
email :
Tel:+44 (0) 1603 592311
Fax:+44 (0) 1603 593345

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