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cc: Instone Daniel - PIU - <>, Lankester Olivia - PIU - <>
date: Tue, 29 Aug 2000 14:20:44 +0100
from: Deacon Jonathan - PIU - <>
subject: FW: Air Temperature Trends
to: "''" <>

Professor Jones,

Many thanks for assisting us with data for the Trade Report. The
only problem we have now is interpreting the data in a diagram. The one
that the Central Office of Information have done for us is unclear and to
simplify it somewhat we were interested in leaving out the North and South
data because the presentation COI gave us gave no clear indication when air
temperature in the North overshoots the South. As Daniel, the Team leader
for the Trade Project suggests below, we are thinking of just including the
'Smooth Globe' info. I attach a file below of what it would probably look
like. Would it be possible for you to describe the smoothing process
(compared with the raw global data) in a line or two so we could add it to
the footnote we intend to have in the Report? The alternative would be to
just have the raw global data - do you think this would be better? Would be
most grateful if you could get back to us as soon as possible as publication
date draws ever nearer.

<<Air Temperature.doc>>
Many Thanks for your help,

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> From: Instone Daniel - PIU -
> Sent: 29 August 2000 13:26
> To: Deacon Jonathan - PIU -
> Cc: Lankester Olivia - PIU -
> Subject: RE: Air Temperature Trends
> Jonathan: this is great and I am very impressed that you are able to
> convert like this.
> We discussed; and agreed we would almost certainly just show in the chart
> a global line, not including the south and north lines as too confusing.
> This needs to be checked as we need to get that one line right. It looks
> as though the COI version did not use the smoothed global line. You were
> also going to check asap with UEA how we could describe the smoothing
> process (compared with the raw global data) in a line or two, to add to
> the footnote.
> The alternative would be to use only the raw, not the smooth, global line.
> In putting this to UEA you could therefore ask whether they think that
> would be better. You could say that if they want to discuss they could
> come back to me if necessary (though it could be you). You would copy
> your message to Vic Birch in COI and Olivia and I will also explain where
> we are at in our revised note on the charts.
> Daniel
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Deacon Jonathan - PIU -
> Sent: 29 August 2000 11:27
> To: Instone Daniel - PIU -
> Subject: Air Temperature Trends
> Daniel,
> This chart is a bit of an eyesore but I think it's quite a good
> reflection of the data using Chart Wizard.
> << File: Trends In Air Temperature.xls >>
> Jonathan.

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