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subject: RE: Chinese data used by Jones et al. [Nature, 1990]
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Thanks for the message. I am heading to China this coming weekend and do
not feel to respond now. You take care, and maintain good spirit enjoying


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This is from one of the people who've been hassling UEA
under the Freedom of Information Act here in the UK.
It's up to you to decide if you want to reply, but if you
start you will likely get more and more questions. You
also won't be able to convince them of anything.
Also, as you know, the paper was 17 years ago.

Their website has a number of plots of the urban/rural
pairs, but as yet they haven't tried to replicate what we
did with the regional average.

Nature are trying to contact me about these requests.
So far they haven't succeeded and I'm away the next two weeks.
As far as I'm concerned they have the data they asked for.

Site details and moves might not have been so well known
in 1990. Also, you can get a feeling of their political persuasion
by looking through some of the comments.



>From: "D.J. Keenan" <>
>To: "Wei-Chyung Wang" <>
>Cc: "Phil Jones" <>,
> "Steve McIntyre" <>
>Subject: Chinese data used by Jones et al. [Nature, 1990]
>Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2007 18:39:06 +0100
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>Dear Dr. Wang,
>I have been looking at your paper Jones P.D., Groisman P.Ya.,
>Coughlan M., Plummer N., Wang W.-C., Karl T.R. (1990), "Assessment
>of urbanization effects in time series of surface air temperature
>over land", Nature 347: 169-172.
>My interest is in the data from China. I have some questions about
>that, which I hoped you would be willing to answer.
>First, Phil Jones tells that all the meteorological stations were
>selected by co-authors and that he is unaware of how that was
>done. So my first question--can you confirm that you alone selected
>the Chinese stations?
>I also have questions regarding the data from the Chinese
>stations. Briefly, how did you ensure the quality of the
>data? There has been discussion about some details of this at
>--see comment #31, and also #37.
>Douglas Keenan
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>Douglas J. Keenan
>phone + 44 20 7537 4122
>The Limehouse Cut, London E14 6N, UK

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