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date: Thu, 5 Feb 2009 12:32:12 -0500 (EST)
subject: Invitation to IPCC WG2 Scoping Meeting: Jones

Dear Dr. Jones -

Attached please find an invitation to participate in an Intergovernmental
Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Scoping Meeting for a potential Special
Report on "Extreme Events and Disasters: Managing the Risks" to be held in
Oslo, Norway, from 23-26 March 2009. The provisional agenda is also

To give quick context, at the 38th session of the IPCC Bureau (24-25
November 2008 - Geneva, Switzerland), a Norwegian proposal to undertake a
special report on Extreme Events - stressing risk assessment and
management - was presented. After deliberation, the Bureau decided to
conduct a scoping meeting, to provide support for a future decision on
whether to endorse the Special Report. The Bureau requested that the
meeting produce a white paper describing process, objectives, and an
annotated outline. The outcome of the meeting will provide guidance to the
39th session of the Bureau and the 30th session of the IPCC (20-23 April
2009 - Antalya, Turkey). A formal decision on undertaking the proposed
Special Report will be rendered then.

A closed web site has been created to help participants prepare for the
scoping meeting. Visit <> and use the
embedded username and password in the invite PDF to access the site.
Please fill out the Pre-Registration Form at your earliest convenience. If
you have difficulties accessing the site, please do not hesitate to
contact the IPCC Working Group II Technical Support by responding to this
message -- that is, via <>.

Given the proximity of the meeting and need to ensure the highest caliber
experts, it would be appreciated if you would indicate your availability,
again via <>, by 25 February 2009.

Thank you for your time and attention, and we look forward to meeting you
in Oslo in about 6 weeks' time.


Extremes SR Science Steering Group


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