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Press release from Earth Government

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Let it be Peace within Earth Community

March 8th, 2003

To all Peoples of the Earth,

War is the greatest violation of human rights that one people can inflict on another. It
brings deaths and injuries, starvation, diseases, millions of people losing their homes and
livelihoods, and massive destruction of property. Children and teenagers are placed in
internment camps, and several are often forced to serve as soldiers. War not only corrupts
the morals of soldiers, it leads to a decline in the morality of the whole nation.

Political and military leaders are always convinced that their particular war is
justified. From their point of view, there are several reasons to go to war: loyalty to
allies, religion, a
thirst for power, greed, ancient grievances to be settled, or the desire to alleviate
suffering among their people. A non-violent settlement to a conflict would always be more
advantageous. War is self-defeating because it cannot secure what it sets out to
achieve, protection against attack. The hatred for the enemy whipped up by war and the
desire for
revenge among the losers leads to an accursed vicious circle from which there is no
escape. The difference between aggressive and defensive, or just and unjust wars, is
They are tags each side adopted to suit its interests. War and militarism destroy civil
liberties within a nation.

What happens to a person's conscience when he/she wears the uniform of the soldier? It
is enslaved to the state. He must kill when ordered. No government, whether democratic or
despotic, can allow the soldier to decide what to do according to his conscience. That
would undermine discipline and the power to fight.

The Earth Community claims that everyone on Earth should be able to live in peace. This
peace movement is about courage. Not the courage it takes to go into battle but the
courage to organize resistance to war when a bloody taste for it inflames the world, and
the threat of prison in a nation where the human rights and freedom of expression have
diminished significantly. It is about the courage to say NO to the war industry. It is
an industry that destroys life on Earth, corrupts society, and violates morality. Military
intervention in the affairs of other nations is wrong. There are other ways, there are
peaceful ways, ways that are not based on profit-making and the gain of power for itself.
We are
conscientious objectors, non-resistants.

There are several reasons for objecting to war: religious, moral and political. People
have different degrees of refusal to go to war. Absolute pacifists such as the Earth
will not cooperate with any preparation for war as decided by the war industry, let
alone war itself. Others will accept some kinds of service so long as they are not forced
to fight.
And others are willing to fight in "just wars." The idea of the "just war" began with
St. Augustine. Late in the fourth century he argued that the good Christian, barred from
violence on his own behalf, could take arms in a war that was just. Several theologians
now say that the standards for a just war are:

a) War must be the last resort and used only after other means have failed.
b) War must be declared to redress rights actually violated or for defence against
unjust demands backed by the threat of force. It must not be fought simply to
satisfy national pride or to further economic or territorial gain.
c) The war must be openly and legally declared by a legal government.
d) There must be a reasonable chance of winning.
e) The means used must be in proportion to the ends sought.
f) Soldiers must distinguish between armies and civilians and not killed civilians
in purpose.
g) The winner must not required the utter humiliation of the loser.

It can be debated whether any war has ever satisfied all these reasonable conditions.

The people of the Earth Community are dedicated in using our resources to resolve
conflict, promote democracy, and fight hunger, terrorism, disease, and human and Earth
abuses. In order to bring about the event of peace, the Earth Community is offering
other good organizations around the world to work together to bring warring parties to
We can accomplish this task by concrete actions such as:

a) Tracking armed conflicts within and between nations around the world and
offering assistance in dispute resolution;
b) Promoting human and Earth rights and democracy;
c) Monitoring democratic elections; and
d) Educating the public about the advantages of a peaceful solution to any

The Earth Community Organization (ECO) has given back responsibility to every citizen on
Earth. Everyone shares responsibility for the present and future well-being of life within
Earth Community. We will work together in working out sound solutions to local and
global problems. It would be wrong and dishonest to blame it all on the leader of a
Most problems in the world must find solutions at the local and global community levels
(and not assume that the leader alone is responsible and will handle it). There is a wisdom
in the ways of very humble people that needs to be utilized. Every humble person
deserves to have ideas respected, and encouraged to develop his or her own life for the
Sound solutions to help manage and sustain Earth will very likely be found this way.
Everyone can help assess the needs of the planet and propose sound solutions for its proper
management, present and future. Everyone can think of better ideas to sustain all life
on Earth and realize these ideas by conducting positive and constructive actions. When
is a need to find a solution to a problem or a concern, a sound solution would be to
choose a measure or conduct an action, if possible, which causes reversible damage as
to a measure or an action causing an irreversible loss; that is the grassroots process.
The Earth Community Organization can help people realized their actions by coordinating
efforts efficiently together.

The responsibility of a peacemaker is to settle differences through compromise and
negotiation before they erupt into violence. Conflicting views do not have to bring about
fighting. War is an irreversible solution to a problem. War is never an appropriate
solution to resolve a conflict.

The worst environmental degradation happens in wars. Farm products in fields and
livestock are abandoned, there is no more control on toxic wastes, and water, air, and land
polluted. People are displaced and feel no longer responsible for the quality of life in
their communities. Historically, the industrialized nations have caused the most damage to
environment, with their careless technology and policies. Emissions from factories and
vehicles have caused ozone depletion and acid rain. Leaders of the wealthier nations must
willing to accept responsibility for past mistakes and to help pay the financial burden
for environmental protection of the developing nations. This is the most damaging conflict
interests between the rich industrialized countries and those that are poor and
struggling just for existence. The Earth Community must help wealthy and poorer nations
reach a
better understanding of each other's needs. All aspects are interrelated: peace, human
rights and the environment. The poor is more concerned with ending starvation, finding a
proper shelter and employment, and helping their children to survive. Environmental
issues become meaningless to the poor. In reality, all concerns are interrelated. As soon
as the
environment is destroyed beyond repair, human suffering is next. Ecology has no
boundaries. All nations suffer the effects of air pollution, global warming, loss of
biodiversity, soil
erosion, acid rain, ozone depletion, silting of streams, and countless of other
environmental problems. This was the reason for proposing to the Earth Community the Scale
Human and Earth Rights.

The Earth Community wants to provide a forum where international conflicts could be
argued and resolved peacefully. Because of hatred and mistrust, disputing parties always
it difficult to express constructive ideas or proposals. A face-to-face meeting may not
even be possible. The Earth Community offers to be a trusted third party that would carry
ideas back and forth, put forward new proposals until both sides agree. When both
parties feel they have gained more than they have lost from the process, the outcome is a
win-win settlement for peace.

May the DIVINE WILL come into our lives and show us the way.
May our higher purpose in life bring us closer to the Soul of Humanity and God.

Germain Dufour, President
[2]Earth Community Organization (ECO) and [3]Earth Government

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