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date: Wed, 06 Jun 2001 16:37:45 +0100
from: Trevor Davies <>
subject: Re: Decarbonisation
to:,Trevor Davies <t.d.davies@uea>


This looks as though it could work out well.

But we really need to be sure of the protocol. As far as we are concerned,
of course, the idea of a decarbonisation project originated at UEA. We
certainly had very early discussions with the Carbon Trust. And of course,
our project will entail a scoping/feasibility study for which we shall hope
for support from the CT.

Clearly it will be in our very clear interests to work with/be supported by
the SDC, but there might also be conflicts between UEA proposals and how
the SDC might see things developing.

I suggest we have as early a meeting as possible with Mike & the other UEA
TYN people. As you say, there is real potential synergy here & getting the
SDC involvement will be great. But I think it is important that we get as
clear idea as possible as to how it might all work together. Otherwise
there is the risk of misunderstandings developing over "competition", and
who is doing what.


At 15:56 06/06/01 +0100, Ann Dixon wrote:
>Dear Trevor
>I have just returned from a Scottish meeting of the Sustainable
Development Commission. Amongst other things, the Commission has "bought"
decarbonisation. So it will be possible for the SDC both to advise "our"
proposals, and in turn to be advised by "us". The scope for synergy is
very great.
>The SDC is nowhere near being clear as to what it will do. But the most
likely bet for the next six months could be as follows:
>1. A scoping exercise as to how to approach a decarbonisation strategy
for four scales
>� one region (probably NWRDA - involving Simon Shackley)
>� one city (probably Edinburgh)
>� one town (possibly Norwich plus Yarmouth-Lowestoft)
>� one institution (we would "do" UEA: SDC would "do" a hospital)
>2. Some sort of secondment to the SDC secretariat for a researcher to
advise the secretariat how to process a research programme on this scale.
This secondment could come from Tyndall, or Imperial or Policy Studies
Institute, or the Environment Agency. We may look for Carbon Trust or
charitable funding to support this post, if it cannot be directly seconded
form the organisation concerned.
>3. The nuts and bolts of how we might approach decarbonisation, as I
assume we will develop in our own work plan. The Commission will
substantially "buy in" to this programme, give it "legs" and seek to use it
for scale studies of the kind mentioned above. In essence our work for UEA
at Norwich has the full support of the Commission. We can now work
creatively together and benefit from the Commission's patronage in our
endeavour. Jonathan Porritt still has to be approached as I could not get
a word to him. But I think he is on board.
>Best wishes
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