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date: Thu Aug 25 08:34:33 2005
from: Phil Jones <>
subject: Re: Fwd: RE: CCSP Report
to: Kevin Trenberth <>

Seems the best and the only solution. There will still be a month (October)
for reviewers of our chapter to get the latest CCSP draft. Maybe over a beer or
two in Christchurch with Tom, he'll be able to give us a brief summary of all
the legal issues!
With the NZ dates, it is likely that Tom might have to be in constant
contact with the CCSP people and some at NCDC. I hope he still manages
to come to Christchurch.
I'll email Albert to collect some information on the current European floods,
so we can add a sentence or two to the floods box. The Portuguese fires seem
more for WGII, but I'll update the summer temp series for C. Europe in early
October. It's still been very hot in the western Med.
Since early July we've had a constant stream of depressions coming across
Britain from the NW with the later track towards the Alps and northern Balkans.
Another is on its way - it passed here yesterday, with a near record low pressure
over northern Scotland (for August).
At 17:36 24/08/2005, you wrote:

Yes that's about as good as can be done.
Of course, given this situation we will be unaware of what changes have been made and
what the CCSP report says. The fact that Tom is a review editor of our chapter makes me
wonder if our report may not influence theirs more than theirs influencing us? Tom has
access to our draft already. Clearly this is one area where we will have work to do in
Martin Manning wrote:

Hi Kevin
I hope my message and proposal below to Richard is OK from your perspective as I believe
it is compatible with what you expected.

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