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date: Tue May 27 13:29:34 2008
from: Phil Jones <>
subject: Re: Met Office Hadley Centre Scientific Review Group - Email Review
to: "sue hammond" <>, "John Harries" <>

Here's a few comments - resulting from the dreary bank holiday weekend. I didn't read
everything just the documents where I thought I could say something useful.
First in the numbered documents 1-8
1. Intro - it would seem that the issue we were having trouble with when we last met
has now become Climate Products! It is still referred to as Climate Impacts elsewhere. It
seem as though the issue of branding has been addressed. I hope it is just as obvious
the presentations in November.
2. The Northwest Passage has been open for some more summers than just 2007.
Hopefully we will get to see how well HadGEM1 gets to simulate the reduction in Arctic
sea-ice extent.
3. It would be useful to see the two Sexton et al (2008) publications for our meeting.
get these anyway being involved in UKCIP08. It might be useful getting a presentation on
UKCIP08 during our Nov 5-7 meeting, as the national launch is on Nov 20. This would
help understand part of item 6 on the generation of the pdfs. I'm thinking here of the
rest of
the group as the information given here is quite brief. Quite useful for the rest of the
people with the launch 2 weeks after our meeting.
4. In relation to UKCIP08 the number of RCM perturbed physics runs has been reduced from
17 to 11.
5. By Nov 5-7 there will be more concrete results of the model/obs comparisons related to
lower tropospheric lapse rate changes. In this respect (and probably elsewhere) there
could have been more links to work going on outside MOHC that many within MOHC are
aware of.
6. Minor aside - useful to know the number of MOHC staff who got the Nobel Peace Prize
7. Another minor aside - I wouldn't have though that the expert witness statements re Al
film being distributed to UK schools as a highlight!
8. In section 2, I would like to hope that DEFRA is being told not to worry that much
climate fluctuations on interannual timescales relating to ENSO variability. Should be
telling DEFRA that what matters is the 5-year plus timescale. I suspect that these notes
DEFRA were requested, but relate to skeptic blog sites and poor media reporting. I just
to be assured that DEFRA are getting the right message.
9. Also in section 2, there are brief details of papers on SST. There is a paper coming
out in this week's Nature (May 29) that also relates to SST. There is an MOHC author
on the paper. AATSR isn't that widely known generally, and it seem to me that this brief
document isn't fully aware of the big picture with respect to SST issues recently related
the dominance of drifters and buoys now as opposed to ships. MOHC seem to be aware of
the big picture when it comes to D&A issues, but not when it comes to SST, or it doesn't
come through in this document.
10. The GRUAN initiative is to be applauded, as it addresses some of the problems that
resulted from MOHC's decision to no longer be a monitoring centre for the GUAN. Figure 1.4
relates back to my #5 above.

At 13:06 19/05/2008, sue hammond wrote:

Dear Colleagues,

You are aware that the annual cycle for meetings of the MOHC SRG has changed and that
there will be a period of 18 months from the 2007 meeting to the 2008 meeting in
November. It was proposed that a brief email review of some aspects of the work of the
MOHC be undertaken earlier in 2008 while we adjust from Spring to Autumn meetings and to
ensure some continuity.

On behalf of the SRG Chairman, John Harries I am attaching a number of documents from
the Met Office Hadley Centre (MOHC) which are listed below. John is very grateful to
the MOHC in providing the papers but is aware there is a lot of material (although items
1, 3 and 5 are just 1 page). He has requested that you look through the material and
provide any brief comments on any aspects you would like to comment on. John has asked
me to stress that this is very much a light review and the main review and report will
be the main meeting in November. Please note Item 2 is particularly long and will be
sent in a following email. John suggests for this brief review it could be used just
for reference and will be reviewed in more detail for the main meeting.

Please could I request that you send any comments to me by Monday 9 June. We will
collate any comments received and then John will send these round for any final
comments/approval before forwarding to the MOHC.

If you do not wish to make any comments it would help if you could send me an 'no
comments' email.


1. SRG introduction
2. Annual Technical Report (to be sent in a separate e-mail)
3. Science Strategy Cover Page
4. Hadley Centre Science Strategy (vn3.2)
5. Collaboration Strategy Cover Page
6. Collaboration Strategy
7. Annual Statement of Met Office Hadley Centre climate modelling (ICP 2.1.4)
8. Strategy for Seamless Model Assessment (ICP Q4)

Please do contact me if you have any questions.

Many thanks and kind regards,


Sue Postle Hammond, ESYS plc, Secretariat for the GECC and Hadley Centre Scientific
Review Group on behalf of Defra
Tel/Fax: 44 1243 574810 Mobile: 07785 988696

Prof. Phil Jones
Climatic Research Unit Telephone +44 (0) 1603 592090
School of Environmental Sciences Fax +44 (0) 1603 507784
University of East Anglia
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