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date: Wed, 21 Oct 2009 17:16:04 +0200
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subject: WMO statement on the status of the global climate in 2009
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Dear Colleagues,
I would like to inform that the WMO call for contribution to the WMO Statement on the
Status of the Global Climate in 2009 (WSSGC-2009) is now open. On this occasion I would
like to invite you again ( few of you are for the first time) to provide your valuable
contribution to this publication. It is worthy to mention the special nature of this year's
statement as it will be released during the COP15 time period (7-18 December, Copenhagen,
Denmark) hence making it a WMO important showcase for the event in addition to its usual
scientific purpose. The collection of the input can start any time from now on with
updating the content until few days before the press release which is scheduled in 14 or 15
December 2009. The statement will be given at a press conference led by the Secretary
General of the WMO. As usually the press release is embargoed for dissemination until the
press conference is over. Date and Timing will be confirmed soon by our MEDIA office.

On this occasion I am pleased to introduce you again Mr. Jos� Luis Stella of the National
Meteorological Service of Argentina who and his institution kindly accepted to offer his
services for the second time to collaborate with all of you in collecting input and data
needed for the statement. I recall that the content of the statement consists of
summarizing statistics with short descriptive texts of the annual global temperature
figures and ranking , regional temperatures anomalies as well as the observed major climate
events which occurred during 2009, including droughts, heavy precipitations and flooding,
wind storms, tropical cyclones as well as the induced impacts and damages. Therefore I
would appreciate if you could send the summaries to the following email address:
[1] with a copy to Mr Jos� Stella's email addresses [2] and
[3] For your information you can take a look at the previous
statement in 2008 by browsing the following link:
[4] (English).
Best Regards


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WMO Information System Branch

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World Meteorological Organization
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