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date: Tue, 8 Feb 2005 11:50:28 +0100
from: "Lotter, prof. dr. A.F." <>
subject: IMPRINT
to: <>

Dear Keith,

Slowly I am getting an overview over Task 1.2

Yet there are still some points that need clarification from your part:

- Does 1.1 include ice-core data, varves and tree rings? I assume so. This would
then also signify that 1.1 would be responsible to collate long time series of tree-ring
and varve data in relation to Holocene climate reconstruction

- Does 1.4 include peat records and rhizopods? Seeing Dan Charman as one of the
taskleader I assume so, which would also mean that 1.4 collates these data

- What about CO2 reconstructions for the Holocene that do not derive from
ice-cores? I am thinking of stomatal density derived CO2 records. They would fit into 1.5
but I am not sure whether the ice-core lobby will be happy to deal with them as they tend
to show somewhat different results.

Could you let me have a quick answer?

Many thanks,



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