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date: Thu Dec 23 10:18:25 2004
from: Phil Jones <>
subject: Re: New Minister for Higher Ed
to: "Davies Trevor Prof (VCO-ET) e236" <>, "Hulme Michael Prof (ENV)" <>, "Schellnhuber Hans Prof (ENV)" <>

Wasn't aware that Howells had been appointed nor about his views on global warming.
My question would be does it matter what his views are given Blair's. Beckett is strongly
behind it at DEFRA. So I'm ambivalent as to whether it is a good idea. It might provide
an excuse to get him to UEA though.
Have a good Christmas and New Year break.

At 09:55 23/12/2004, Davies Trevor Prof (VCO-ET) e236 wrote:

You may have seen that that Howells appears to be ambivalent over global
warming. This seems a good opportunity to ask the VC to invite him up here.
Just wanted to see 1. if you have already done something 2 if not, whether
you agree that it would be a good idea.
Best Wishes
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