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subject: RE: Lighthill Risk network - propsed event on climate change
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Hi Howard,
Sorry to have been slow responding: it's been a busy term.
I talked to one major insurance company about how the science of
attribution of extreme weather events to greenhouse gas
emissions is firming up, and its potential implications for
liability, D&O insurance etc. This might make an interesting additional
topic, particularly if you could get a lawyer in (Richard Lord, QC,
of Brick Court Chambers, would be ideal).
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Subject: Lighthill Risk network - propsed event on climate change
Dear all - sorry hadn't meant to send this to you again. It was
intended for Anna Pirani who works for me, but I hit the send button
too soon!
Anna - here is the Lighthill email I referred to. Comments welcome.
Dear Myles, Mike and Phil
You will recall that I contacted you some time back asking if you
would be willing to take up membership of Lighthill Risk Network's
Climate Change Panel. In the event, Lighthill have decided to
proceed on the basis of organizing events on climate issues and
insurance rather than having formal panel meetings. It would however
still be useful to have you as a "sounding board" for this and
future events and from this perspective I would be grateful for your
views and feedback on the tentative programme for the first such
event (attached) which Lighthill have put together in consultation
with a group of their members.
It would also be useful to have any suggestions you might have for
speakers (you many, of course volunteer yourselves!) and suggestions
on what might fit under "another peril to be identified. Here,
Lighthill are looking for perils of interest to insurers, which might
impact them on the 5-10 year timescale and which are the subject of
new research.
Lighthill would like to hold this event around the end of April or
(more likely) early May. Time to organize it is fairly short
therefore. If you could get any comments on this back to me over the
next few days (before Thursday if possible) it would be very helpful
(as would an indication of your own interest in attending or speaking
at the meeting).
I'm also copying in the Met Office contacts with Lighthill (Mark &
Helen) for any comments they may have.
Thanks in anticipation.
Dr Howard Cattle
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