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date: Wed Jan 12 17:06:49 2005
from: Phil Jones <>
subject: One quick thing


What is Trenberth (2004) referred to in on Urbanization and temperature?
It is missing in the refs. Is it Nature 427, 213 and it should be 2003. Or is it 2004 and
Nature 427 should be 2004? Or is it something else !
Text of the section hasn't been altered.
Albert moved all the refs not referred to to the discard list at the end of the refs.
I'm keeping this, but will submit without it, but I'll send it to you and the other
LAs as it may prove useful.
Just spent one more hour on this tidying and seeing if I could remove any of the
highlighted bits. Got 5, yours would be 6.
Looked odd if a CLA ref was missing.

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