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date: Thu, 18 Oct 2007 20:45:05 +0100
from: "Folland, Chris" <>
subject: RE: IPCC report
to: <>

Dear Phil

This old and very dated chestnut. You were going to find out more if you could. You know my
part of the story - it goes back to a Defra (then DOE) publication (which it would be nice
to identify) and was requested in the Govt review by David Warrilow. )Likely based in part
on Lambs CET work with some subjective alterations?).

Any further insights would be helpful.



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From: Bob Ward []
Sent: 18 October 2007 19:11
To: Folland, Chris
Subject: IPCC report

Dear Professor Folland

Sir John Houghton suggested that I should contact you. I have been having an exchange of
e-mail messages with Martin Durkin, who produced the programme 'The Great Global Warming
Swindle' that was screened on Channel 4 in March. In particular, I have been challenging
him about his use of a figure that he attributed to the IPCC First Assessment Report in
1990. It appears as Figure 7.1c on page 202 of the IPCC report, and shows global
temperatures were higher during the Medieval Warm Period. I would be interested in finding
out where this figure was obtained from - it closely resembles some of the figures
published by Hubert Lamb, except that he was concerned with the temperature in Central
England. Any light that you may be able to cast on this issue would be greatly appreciated.
I should stress that I am primarily concerned about the extent to which Durkin has
misrepresented the scientific evidence and the work of researchers - I have complained to
Ofcom about the programme and I organised a joint letter to him from researchers in April
asking him not to distribute it on DVD without correcting the substantial errors in it:

Yours sincerely,

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