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date: Fri, 10 Aug 2001 13:21:15 +0100 (BST)
from: Peter Stott <>
subject: Re: Regional climate change detection

At 16:11 03/08/01 +0100, you wrote:
>As you say, this work was subcontracted to Westwind and David Parker
>has written up a paper on this which he is delaying until David Sexton
>can do some more work to determine whether the model fit to observed
>CET is significantly better with anthropogenic forcings than without.
>As you say a follow up to this study would relate to regional
>detection and I was hoping to use our optimal detection methodology
>applied to HadCM3 and model data binned into different circulation
>types. Geoff would prefer not to contract out this work like we did
>last time but instead have a bash at doing it ourselves in house. I
>would like to collaborate with you if possible on this but as I say we
>would prefer not to sub-contract it out like we did with Westwind. I
>don't suppose you've ever considered working here have you ? - we have a
>number of vacancies in the climate change group and John is very keen
>to recruit good and experienced people, especially with the Exeter
>move meaning that people will be leaving.

-(1) re. subcontract...I was only clutching at straws anyway (though I was
-thinking that if you were currently short-staffed and as Peter Thorne here
-has been using the optimal detection code then it might have been a

-(2) regardless of (1) I can still contribute a small amount to some
-collaboration and I'm keen to do so. Would it be useful for me to visit
-the HC to discuss this further?

I think this would be useful. Dave Sexton has been thinking about your work
and he is also doing some work for the Parker et al analysis. I am on
leave now for two weeks so we could arrange something, maybe in
September ?

-(3) re. Exeter...funny you should mention that. Simon Tett and Chris
-Folland have both approached me about that possibility and Chris has asked
-to talk to me when he visits CRU later this month so we can discuss this.
-I am certainly interested in such a move and would be as interested in
-vacancies in John's group as I am in Chris' group. There are also
-opportunities here at UEA, and at other universities, that I'm following up
-so I cannot say anything more than that I'm interested at this stage. If
-you consider it appropriate then please let John know that I would consider
-a move to Exeter.

I'll let John know.


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