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date: Thu, 25 Mar 2004 07:02:11 -0000
from: <>
subject: Confirmation of NERC OPM Information Required (Closing Date 2nd
to: <>

Dear Professor Briffa,

NERC Collection of Output and Performance Measures (OPM) data 2003/04.

GR3/12107 - Improving our understanding of natural climate variability by
the combined use of observational, Palaeo and GCM climate data: a step
towards anthropogenic climate change detection

All holders of NERC awards are requested to review the data that the
Research Outputs Database (ROD) holds on their award to confirm that it is
an accurate reflection of outputs for 2003/04. Any data changes must be
completed no later than 2nd April.

A full record of your data that we currently hold for this output year can
be accessed by following the link below.

If any of this data is incorrect please log in to ROD and update it prior
to the deadline date.

You should already have received login information by post - if you have
not, or if you have any queries regarding ROD or the OPM exercise, please
e-mail with your query.

ROD is available at

Many thanks for your continued co-operation.

NERC Evaluation Team

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