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date: Fri Feb 10 17:42:59 2006
from: Keith Briffa <>
subject: Re: paleo sensitivity paper accepted
to: Gabi Hegerl <>, Jonathan Overpeck <>

well done on this - you know as well as I, how it is increasingly a balance of lottery and
bloody mindedness (by reviewers and necessarily authors) that finally decides on whether
these things make it into these journals. We will now have no problem keeping the
Crowley/Hegerl curve in the summary Figure - regardless of whether the other paper is
accepted in time . But when it is , I would still prefer of course to cite that one for the
source of the reconstruction.
very best wishes
Tim and I are having a bit of a nightmare trying to pull together recent GCM and EMIC runs
that have been done following the New Zealand meeting - and until these are finalised we
can not refine the details in the text. This rush is not the way considered and careful
work is done.
We are At 15:50 10/02/2006, Gabi Hegerl wrote:

Hi Peck and Keith,
While I haven't heard yet from the J Climate paper, my other paper on estimating climate
from the last millennium is now in press with nature.
I append the last version, but they are of course still fiddling with it (but saying
changes now go via
tech ed), eg change "last millennium" to "last seven centuries" in title.
It has a bit on the forced response, see figure 1 and 2, and some tables of correlations
forcing and response in the supplement (since I knew the other one is not sure to make
it, I hitched
the supplement up a bit). Its more relevant for chapter 9 though.
it also has the CH-blend recon attached to the supplement, but refers to the other paper
for a detail description.
After this 6month rollercoaster on both papers, and 3 iterations,
I LOVE specialty journals (understandable process,
predictable reviewers that make useful suggestions, etc). but, nice to get it in.
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