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For your letters page:

John Jewell's letter (January 27), which criticises the Kyoto Treaty on
science and cost, is barely worth reply.

Why? Because the science to which he appeals in attacking mainstream
Climate Change Science is virtually worthless. Richard Lindzen's
attacks on Kyoto receive about the same level of esteem among serious
climatologists, for example our colleagues in the Tyndall Centre at
Norwich's own UEA, as flat-earthers received from their 'scientific
colleagues', a few centuries back.

It is not scare-mongering to talk of global climate change as a reality,
along with its drastic consequences. For example, recently Woods Hole
Oceanographic Institute has uncovered a change "of remarkable amplitude"
in the circulation of the waters of the North Atlantic that could 'turn
off' the Gulf Stream within a generation. Scientists are evaluating the
findings, and an expert from the world renowned Potsdam Institute,
collaborators of UEA, has said it would cause severe regional cooling to
Britain, whilst the tropics would start to fry under the effects of
global warming. Is this the legacy that we want to bequeath to our
children and grandchildren?

Mr Jewell also implies implementing Kyoto would be too costly. But a
Tyndall Centre study at
demonstrates high cost estimates for the US economy are often flawed.
Indeed, Ute Collier, Head of WWF UK Climate Change Programme, said
"There will be economic benefits for those countries who will implement
the treaties". This may be why six US states and six Canadian states,
representing a population of over 100 million people, have already
started to implement Kyoto regionally despite the US government.

We in the Green Party believe passionately -- based on the science --
that there is an URGENT need to drastically reduce global carbon
emissions, and human-induced climate-change. Because of that, we
applaud the local CRed initiative, and urge all readers of the EDP to
contribute in every way they can to this campaign.

Dr. Rupert Read
17 Merton Rd.
Dr. Andrew Boswell
23 Havelock Rd.,
Tel.: 01603 592079/592349

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