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date: Sat Dec 14 21:41:52 1996
from: Mike Hulme <>
subject: Concerted Action


About cost. I would say again that some salary buy-out should be in the budget for Steering Committee members time, either as a flat daily rate (e.g. ECU 500/day) or as a salary allocation *e.g. 1-2 months over the three years. I have to have some way of reclaiming money that I can re-cycle internally at UEA to offset some of my salary costs here.

You may be interested that ECU 300-350k is about what ECLAT 2 (3 years) is going to work out at also.

Attached is my Partner Information. I quite like Tim's idea for a workshop on getting a country-by-country sense of what the range of climate changes could be, but as I have said to him, whether the overlap with an item in the ECLAT 2 programme is an advantage or a liability (re. the evaluation) I am not sure. Detailed workshop agenda do not have be specified at this stage - merely that they will happen.

On the project list, Silsoe's project should be labelled IMPEL and ECUs CLIVARA. There will of course also be new projects starting in this 2nd Phase of IV which may be necessary to tie in to re. any assessment. We obviously don't know which but this point should be made somewhere, ie. the rationale for this CA is to exploit funded research re. impacts in Europe.

I think there are some others currently funded which have been missed. Two water ones we have contributed to here are FRIMAR (Delft Hydraulics) and POPSICLE (Newcastle).

I will look out for the forms in the post and also a revised version of the proposal. I am not here between 24th and 2nd January.

The Taskgroup meeting comes at a bad time really, but I will make time to attend.



Climatic Research Unit, UEA, Norwich, UK

Role and Contribution

The Climatic Research Unit will make the following contributions to this Concerted Action:

i) review estimates of future climate change in Europe (with MTT, Finland) and to assist in the planning and execution of a possible workshop.

ii) ensure that a wider global perspective of related activities (UNEP, IPCC, climate modelling groups) concerning the construction and use of regional climate change scenarios is communicated to this European CA community.

Qualifications and Experience

The Climatic Research Unit (CRU) is one of the world�s leading research organisations in the field of climate change and its impacts. CRU is based within the School of Environmental Sciences at the University of East Anglia and in 1997 will celebrate its 25th Anniversary. In recent years research has been undertaken for, inter alia, the US Department of Energy, the European Commission, WWF International, the Ford Foundation and UNEP, as well as numerous UK government departments and other agencies. Staff within CRU collaborate actively with other climate and environment research groups in every continent and in every member state of the European Union.

Dr Mike Hulme has been a Senior Research Associate in CRU since 1988. He is a research climatologist specialising in the development of regional and global climate datasets; the construction of climate change scenarios; the validation of climate models; the development of integrated models for impacts assessments; and African climate and desertification. He has published extensively in all these fields. In particular, he has advised about, and contributed, climate change scenarios for UNEP (Country Studies), , the UK Department of Environment (1996 CCIRG), WWF International and a large number of EU-funded research projects. He has been the joint manager of the UK Climate Impacts LINK Project since 1996. He has also contributed to Working Groups I, II and III of the Second Assessment Report of the IPCC and is a member of the newly founded IPCC Taskgroup on Regional Climate Projections.

Selected Relevant Publications

Hulme,M., Hossell,J.E. and Parry,M.L. (1993) Future climate change and land use in the United Kingdom Geogrl. J. 159, 131-147
Hulme,M. and Jones,P.D. (1994) Global climate change in the instrumental period Environmental Pollution, 83, 23-36
Rotmans,J., Hulme,M. and Downing,T.E. (1994) Climate change implications for Europe: an application of the ESCAPE model Global Env. Change, 4, 97-124
Hulme,M., Conway,D., Jones,P.D., Barrow,E.M., Jiang,T. and Turney,C. (1995) A 1961-90 climatology for Europe for climate change modelling and impacts applications Int. J. Climatol., 15, 1333-1363
Smith,J. and Hulme,M. (1996) Appendix to chapter 1: climate change scenarios, in, Handbook on Methods for Climate Change Impact Assessment and Adaptation Stratgies, (ed.) Feenstra,J., UNEP/GEF, Netherlands

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