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cc: Meric Srokosz <>,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
date: Fri, 01 Aug 2003 19:22:41 +0100
from: Richard Wood <>
subject: Re: Modelling intercomparison job description
to: Peter Challenor <>

Dear All,
A few further thoughts on the modelling post, partly inspired by
recent email discussions.

1. I think it's important that the modelling subcommittee (MSC) has a
strong role in the direction of this work. What we are trying to do (I
think) is develop a coordinated, UK-wide modelling effort, which if it
is successful will go a fair way towards the ultimate delilverable of
RAPID (i.e. 'improving our abilty to quantify the probability and
magnitude of future rapid change in climate'). The MSC itself is an
important entity in building this 'community' approach, and the
existence of the post would provide both a stick to beat the MSC (myself
included!) into doing this, and a resource to help it to happen. If it
turns out that there are modelling groups participating in the
intercomparison, or engaged in closely related research, who are not
currently represented on the MSC, I suggest we consider co-opting a
representative onto the MSC. The (enlarged) MSC would at all times
remain responsible and accountable to the full RAPID SSC.

2. The individual appointed will need a single person for day-to-day
management, and will need to be located somewhere where they can talk to
other modellers. How these items are decided is tricky. I had imagined
that we would try to recruit someone fairly experienced and
self-propelled (Meric has suggested RA2 level), who would be able to
play an important role in moving things on scientifically. That would
make these issues less critical. However we must recognise that such
people are in short supply, so we may need to be flexible in our
management arrangements depending on who we can get. I certainly think
we must make the post appear as attractive as possible when we advertise
it (Meric: I will have another look at the advert and may have a couple
of suggestions to help this).

3. I understand there could be sensitivities about fair allocation of
resources etc. This would be a new way of working for all of us - a much
stronger integration of effort across the UK modelling community - and
if we go for it we may have to find a compromise between ultimate
perceived fairness and getting started in time to deliver something by
the end of RAPID (the timeline in the strawman I sent out in May assumed
a start date of Oct 03). Ultimately (as I understand it) the SSC as a
whole is responsible for the delivery of the stated aims of the
programme, through allocation of RAPID resources within the frameworks
provided by NERC. We may need to be bold to achieve this. I'm sure Phil
and colleagues will be willing to advise on what is possible.


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