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date: Fri, 22 Oct 1999 16:16:16 -0400
from: "Kyle W. Danish" <>
subject: Invitation: "International Emissions Trading - Details Matter"
to: <climate-latXYZxyzet.MB.CA>

You are cordially invited to a presentation at COP-5 sponsored by the Environmental Defense Fund and by EPRI, a nonprofit research organization that is the world's leader in developing science and technology solutions for all segments of the global energy industry:

Outstanding Issues in Need of Analysis

November 1
19:30 - 21:00
Hotel Maritim (room will be announced)

In this session, experts from the private sector and from NGOs who have in-depth experience with existing emissions trading systems will discuss their views on the following key topics:

* compliance issues associated with trading;
* impact of diverse domestic implementation programs on the international emissions trading program;
* supplementarity.

Speakers will include:

Joe Goffman -- Senior Attorney, Environmental Defense Fund
Carlton Bartels -- Managing Director, Cantor Fitzgerald
Anne Petsonk -- International Counsel, Environmental Defense Fund
Dale Heydlauff -- Senior Vice President, American Electric Power
Robert Nordhaus -- Member, Van Ness Feldman

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