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cc: Valйrie Masson-Delmotte <>, "Ricardo Villalba" <>, "Keith Briffa" <>, "Jonathan Overpeck" <>
date: Wed, 11 Jan 2006 13:52:58 +0300
from: "Olga Solomina" <>
subject: glacier box
to: "Eystein Jansen" <>

Dear colleagues,

According to the comments of rewieres to the FOD and our discussion in NZ I
tried to update the figure and the text of the glacier box. The main changes
are in the figure - instead of just three curves (N and S Scandinavia and
the Alps) we have now 10 curves from different regions including the tropics
and the Southern hemisphere. They all are of different quality, but even in
the Alps the reconstructions are very contradictory at the moment (see
attachment "Alps"). I did not polish the style yet (the curves are of
different shape), but I would like first to hear your opinion. In order to
shorten the text we can even cut the description of the fluctuations - they
can be seen at the figure.

The chapter 4 (cryosphere) is also in troubles with the length, so we
suggest (G.Kaser and myself) to delete the LIA/MWP glacier variations from
there. Instead we can mention the LIA advances (one sentence) in the glacier
box and MWP glacier advances (again one sentence) in the Keith' box.

I hope you had a chance to enjoy the Christmass and New Year selebration.

All the best,


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