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cc: "Phil Jones" <>, "Zhang,Xuebin [Ontario]" <>, "Gabi Hegerl" <>
date: Fri, 31 Aug 2007 08:02:36 -0400
from: "Zwiers,Francis [Ontario]" <>
subject: RE: Extreme indices advice to WGCM
to: "Nico Caltabiano" <>, "David Karoly" <>

Hi all,

It would be great if Gabi could carry a message for us - and I think what you propose (that
we promise to provide input) is fine.

As a zeroth order promise I think we should revisit the indices that were calculated for
the AR4 (we would presumably want to revise the list at least a bit).

Also, we might want to make some suggestions for what kind of information we would like to
collect to enable the analysis of extremes in the far tails of the distribution. We
collected 20-year slices of daily data for that purpose last time around - which did turn
out to be very useful - but we might want to consider if we should do this differently this
time. Asking for daily data is onerous for modelling groups (high volumes of data involved)
but allows flexibility in analysis - e.g., affectionadoes of using either annual maxima or
peaks-over-threshold approaches can both have at the data, whereas the possibilities are
more limited if we ask modellers to archive only, say, monthly or annual extremes.

Cheers, Francis

Francis Zwiers
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From: Nico Caltabiano []
Sent: August 31, 2007 7:51 AM
To: David Karoly
Cc: Phil Jones; Zhang,Xuebin [Ontario]; Zwiers,Francis [Ontario]; Gabi Hegerl
Subject: Extreme indices advice to WGCM

Dear David et al.

Hope all is well.

WGCM is meeting this coming week. I think you won't be attending the meeting but I saw
Gabi's name on the list of participants.

At the last ETCCDI meeting, we've discussed that we should provide advice to WGCM on
indices that should be calculated on a possible effort of model runs to the next IPCC. We
surely won't have time to provide a proper input to WGCM now (I apologise for not starting
this email exchange earlier). However I think we should send them a message saying that
we're startin g this discussions and will feed them during inter-sessions. If they want to
propose something in the meantime, I think this would be ok.

Perhaps Gabi could take this message to WGCM?

Your thoughts on this are welcome.



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