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date: Thu, 09 Oct 1997 12:24:19 -0400
from: Caspar Ammann <>

Dear Dr. Hulme,
my name is Caspar Ammann. I'm working as a Ph.D. student for Raymond
Bradley at the University of Massachusetts. He told me to collect Dust Veil
Index data from the time period 1985 to 1995. I knew that H. Lamb was
updating his pubicated data of early seventies in Climate Monitor, but I
could not found any more recent data since 1983 (Climate Monitor 12, No. 3).
So my questions: are you still updating DVI at the Climatic Research
Unit? If yes, would you be able to send me yearly N-Hemispheric values
1985-1995? If not, do you know, where I could get them?

Thanks a lot for your help already!


Caspar Ammann

Caspar Ammann
University of Massachusetts
Department of Geosciences
Climate Lab Phone : ++1 +413 545 27 94
Morrill Science Center Fax : ++1 +413 545 12 00
Amherst, MA 01003-5820, USA email :

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