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date: Wed, 8 Jul 1998 12:45:32 +0900 ("EDT)
from: David Karoly <>
subject: IPCC Detection/Attribution workshop
to: Simon Tett <>


This message is being sent to some of the participants at the EuroCLIVAR
workshop held at the Hadley Centre in March.

I have just returned to Australia from the IPCC Scoping meeting for the
Third Assessment Report, held in Germany last week. As you may have heard
in Bracknell or from other sources, John Mitchell and I have been asked to
be the coordinating lead authors for the chapter on detection and
attribution, and the other lead authors identified so far are Francis
Zwiers and Vincente Barros(from Argentina). We were all at the meeting in

Enough background, now to the reason for contacting you. We would like to
hold a workshop for likely contributors to the chapter immediately after
another conference that is likely to attract a number of the relevant
people. We agreed that immediately after the AMS Annual Mtg in January in
Texas would be best as we need to have a first complete draft of the
chapter completed by the middle of 99. We plan to have the workshop over
two days, the Friday and Saturday, immediately after the AMS mtg. A venue
for the workshop has not been finalised. We would like to hold it at
a University in Texas, but our fall-back would be a room in the same
hotel as the AMS meeting. These arrangements will be finalised soon.

The bulk of the time in the two day workshop will be spent on
presentations by people on their latest work and their plans for the
future, if they are relevant to IPCC 2000. We will circulate a chapter
outline soon, and have discussion on that for half a day at the workshop,
but plenty of time for presentations from the participants. I expect that
there would be many of the same people from the EuroCLIVAR workshop, plus
some extras, and that we would be aiming at about 20-30 participants, who
would be the likely contributors to the chapter.

We will be encouraging as many people as possible to give talks at
the AMS session, but they will be limited to 15 minutes. There will be
much more time for discussion at the workshop.

The relevant session at the AMS meeting is the 10th Symposium on Global
Change Studies, being organised by Tom Karl. Abstracts for papers were due
by 1 July but Tom has allowed late abstracts till about 15 July (he's away
on vacation). There are a number of relevant sessions, including
2) solar-climate interactions, 3) model simulations of past, present and
future climate, including results from CMIP, 7) climate change detection
and attribution, 13) a special session on IPCC 2000.
This session is scheduled to run all week but I think I can persuade Tom
to make sure that our relevant sessions are not held on Friday.

Further information is available at the AMS WWW site

Please note that abstracts should be sent via email to Tom Karl at
and not via the AMS electronic submission system, as this may not allow
late abstracts or not send them straight to Tom.

If you are interested in being involved in this workshop and/or a contributor
to the Detection/Attribution chapter of IPCC 2000,
(i) please let me know via email, and
(ii) consider submitting an abstract to the AMS mtg, to the Global Change
symp, noting that late abstracts will only be accepted until about 15 July

Best wishes, David

Prof David Karoly
CRC for Southern Hemisphere Meteorology
Monash University phone: +61-3-9905 9669
Clayton VIC 3168 fax: +61-3-9905 9689

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