Sunday, June 3, 2012


date: Thu Jun 16 15:11:01 2005
from: Phil Jones <>
subject: An idea
to: "Michael E. Mann" <>


I will reply to Yasmine and say no tomorrow. Don't want to do it too soon.
Keith and I and Tim have been having loads of discussions about Ch 6 for IPCC.
Keith has to submit his latest draft tomorrow for better for worse.
What I'm thinking is that sometime when the three of us here have some spare time
- which may be some ways off, we'd like to do some experiments with different
proxy combinations. Would you be happy sending us all the proxies you have
(or Scott - the rookie) is putting together? If so can you arrange it. There is no
rush. We won't pass any on or put on web sites etc.
If we ever did get some time then we could do something - it will be slowly, not for
this IPCC and unlikely to get written up or started until well into 2006.

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